We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in attending to the trust and fiduciary affairs of private clients, families and their family offices. As a family-owned business, we are particularly attuned to the specific needs of our clients.

Having retained our independence from larger financial services businesses, we partner with an extensive network of law firms, private bankers and other external advisors, to provide our clients with a best in market solution to meet their structuring needs.

A) Trusts and structuring

Maintaining financial structures that function across different jurisdictions can be a challenge. At LJ Partnership, we have a wealth of experience in that field. Our services cover:

  • Trusts: discretionary trusts, reserved powers trusts, life interest trusts, charitable trusts, VISTA trusts, purpose trusts;
  • Private trust companies: for families requiring sophisticated structuring;
  • Foundations: for charitable purposes, private wealth holdings and business interests;
  • Privately managed companies: for asset holding, residential and commercial properties, artwork, IP, and wider business interests; and,
  • Professional trust protector service.

C) Art

Through our structures we run a number of extensive art collections for clients:

  • Valuations and appraisals;
  • Securing specialist insurance to cover the collection in situ and transit;
  • Bookkeeping, multiple VAT jurisdiction management, and statutory accounts preparation; and,
  • Cataloguing and indexing the collections.

B) Marine and aviation

We provide a range of services for clients to establish and maintain leasing or ownership structures for private and commercial yachts and aircraft. Our services include:

  • Yacht and aircraft management;
  • Bookkeeping, multiple VAT jurisdiction management, and statutory accounts preparation;
  • Payment processing, bank account and credit card management, cash flow forecasting, and other treasury management processes;
  • Securing insurance; and,
  • Drafting of crew contracts in line with maritime and aviation standards, including payroll processing and standing data management.