At LJ Fiduciary, we have extensive experience in structuring and administering a broad spectrum of investment vehicles.

A) Fund Formation

The two main tenets of our services for investors are swift delivery and full compliance with the highest available standards.

We can provide investors and managers with the following services:

  • Investor KYC;
  • Formation of the fund;
  • Formation of any SPV vehicle associated with the fund;
  • Working with external tax advisors on the structure;
  • Working with lawyers on:
    • Investment memorandum;
    • Partnership agreement;
    • Subscription agreement;
    • Administration agreement;
    • Advisory committee agreement;
    • Draw down of funds from investors; and,
    • Fund reporting to investors.

B) Fund administration and ongoing management

Our core services are fund administration and corporate and secretarial services. We maintain records and day-to-day operations for funds, including cash management, accounting, NAV (net asset value) calculations, management and performance fee computations, financial and management reporting and audit support.

C) Registrar and transfer agent

We provide an integrated registrar and transfer agent service which involves all activities connected with investor subscriptions/ commitments, drawdowns/ capital calls, distributions, redemptions and conversions as well as the calculations of management and performance related fees.